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          Welcome to Greatoo Intelligent Equipment Inc.


          The current position: 

          HR>Talent Strategy

          Persist in people-first HR development and management idea

          Persist in taking advantage of employees’ strengths, dealing with people with a tolerant mind, managing personnel flexibly, teaching people truths and cautiously persuading others

          Core ideas:

                Human resource is Greatoo’s most valuable resource and is fundamental to the company’s existence and development. The company persists in the employment idea: “put people first and use people to strengthen the enterprise”, developing the company as a learning organization. Greatoo pursues the talent strategy that employees enjoy coordinated development with the enterprise.

          Core Orientation:

               Show employees positive career prospects.  The company persists in the principle of making full use of employees’ talents and strengths and provide employees with a platform to have fair competition and realize their own value.

                Offer good treatment for employees.  According to the characteristics of different departments, the company uses different distribution ways and offers corresponding salary for employees at different levels: annual salary system for important administrative staff and technicians, high salary for employees specializing in technology in all departments and incentives for employees with good performance. The board of the company will also have stock ownership incentives for crucial and core employees. Besides, employees also enjoy subsidies when they buy cars, housing arrangement and interest-free loan when they buy houses.

                Create rich corporate culture for employees.  The company develops and expands the culture of precision manufacturing, creating excellent cultural atmosphere, which keeps strengthening the affinity and cohesion inside the company.

                Show deep feelings to employees.  The company cares for workers’work and life and helps workers to solve many difficulties such as housing difficulties, employment problems of family members and children’s difficulties in school. During special festivals, the company will organize traveling activities and discussion activities for employees. What’more, the company has established Worker Support Center to listen to workers’opinions and know their wishes.

                Create sound environment for employees. The company has built two garden-type factories where there is complete equipment like basketball courts, tennis courts, football field and table tennis rooms. In addition, the company has set up Workers Club where there are many cultural and entertaining facilities such as libraries, dance halls, bars and internet bars.

                Share honors with employees. The company doesn’t fish for fame for itself. Instead, the company share honors with high-end talents, such as national model workers, workers winning the Labor Medals and woman pace-setters. All these honors show warmth, which makes employees realize how valuable the company is.

                Improve employees’ academic performance. All talents want to have sound performance in the academic area and technical area and hope to be recognized by society. The company pays great attention to improving employees’academinic performance. For example, it’s the company’s duty to apply for Science and Technology Progress Prize and national patents, but the company gives employees’right of signature, help them publish paper and attend academic conferences, which gives them a sense of achievement. Cultivating a team of talents guarantees sustainable development of human resource for the company.

          Create the mechanism of talents cultivation

                  Improve the facilities of professional training organizations. In order to make employees’ professional competence and skills meet the needs of strategic development and human resource development, regulate and promote the sustainable development of inner employees’ training and system, the company has set up a special training center and invested a lot of money in facilities like multimedia training rooms, electric classrooms, practical training workshops and training equipment, trying to build up a school in Greatoo. The company gives certifications to trainers inside the company, helping every managers become professional lecturers. Current middle-level cadres and high-level technicians can be employed as inner trainers by examinations; the company executes the system of external employment to recruit professionals from universities and training organizations as part-time trainers; the training center is responsible for the pre-job training, on-the-job training, job-transfer training, return-to-job training, “3-new” training of new employees. The company follow systematic, institutional, initiative, diverse and beneficial principle.

                 Improve the learning system of talent cultivation. Talent cultivation should show practicability but not be limited to current needs. Learning-based cultivation should be promoted to improve the lifelong education system. The company advocates learning organizations and requires every employee to study for no less than 100 hours, formulating studying files and following assessments for employees. The company follows the idea of “lifelong education” and regards staff training activities as the best gifts the company gives employees. By the project of “high-level blue collar”, the company motivates employees to be better educated; the company organize staff to study through various way such as continuing education, training, assessments of professional skills and professional title evaluation; the company organizes employees to pass certificate examinations and allows employees to apply for reimbursement.

                 In 2009, the company started “Ten, Hundred, Thousand”project, that is cultivating 10 technical foregoers, 100 core technicians and 1000 professional technical workers. Technical foregoers are those who take the lead in crucial areas like molds, machine, numerical control and management and they are required to be proficient in those areas and able to lead groups of people to work on the researches, invention and industrialization of important topics. Core technicians are required to have profound researches in their technical work and able to work by themselves.  Professional technical workers are those who work as productive labor who are required to have rich practical experiences, sound skills and occupational qualities and the ability to teach green hands. The “Ten, Hundred, Thousand”project allows the company have the echelon construction from technical foregoers to core technicians and professional technical workers, which guarantees the sustainable development of excellent human resource.

          Create good growth environment for talents

                 The company regards human resource as human capital and builds up the idea that talent cultivation is the investment with highest rate of return instead of a short-term solution to certain problems. The company gives priority to morality in education. The company pays special attention to the cultivation of employees’ professional ethics, teaching new comers the company’s corporate culture and management idea as their first lesson. The company persists in the core value that humans’ value is more important than things’ value; common value is important than individual value; customers’ value is more important than products’ value; social value is more important than profits’ value, motivating employees to build up sound profession ethics and life value and making workers and enterprises become interests community, career community and fate community. At the same time, the company formulates career planning for employees, not only meeting the company’s need of sustainable development but also increasing the employees’ career value. The company discover talents, cultivate talents, assess talents in recruitment and make the full use of talents, motivating all kinds of talents to show themselves, which provides strong intelligence support and manpower guarantee for the company.

          Expand the channels to cultivate talents

                 Improve education background. Since the company organized two classes which help students to upgrade from junior college to universities and from senior high schools to junior college and one engineering master class with Guangdong University of Technology in 2007, over 120 successfully graduated in 2010. The first graduation ceremony outside school was held in Guangdong University of Technology. Zhang Xiangwei, the president of Guangdong University of Technology, awarded engineering master’s degree, bachelor’s degree to graduates. The second term classes to improve education and engineering master class started this year. Besides, the company opened a high-level technician class with Jieyang Technical School and Jiedong Modern Professional Technology College. Employees graduated from senior high schools and vocational schools can participate in the high-level technician class and can get two certificates after graduation: diploma of senior technical schools and certificates of high-level technicians. In this way, the company improve employees’ education from senior vocational schools to junior colleges, undergraduate education and engineering masters.

                 Cultivate employees in orders. In 2005, the company organized studying activities with Jieyang Vocational & Technical College, which has been listed in the enrollment plan of Guangdong province. Classes of mold designing and manufacturing have been organized. The company offers scholarship and student subsidies for students and arranges classes and practical training activities according to the company’s needs, cultivating about 100 graduates majoring in molds from junior colleges according to orders. The company designs learning plans according to the company’s requirements and its technicians work as practical trainers and part-time lecturers for the mold classes, who will have substituted post exercitation lasting half a year, which will help students have deep understanding of the company and production technology and basic ability to operate equipment so as to be prepared for their jobs in the company after graduation.

                 Professional training. Through the way of “welcoming experts and sending employees outside”, the company cooperates with many famous training organizations in the country like Guangdong Machinery Research Institute and Guangdong Jinming Training Center, training workers’ professional skills, professional ethics and professional quality. Professional title evaluation and rank appraisals of professional skills are organized not only to improve workers’ practical skills and get the recognition of occupational qualifications but also to gain the professional titles and increase the value of their career. Outside training activities include all kinds of outside training activities, short-term training activities in the country, overseas duty visit of senior managers, advanced study of MBA courses, training activities of managers as well as training activities of all kinds of qualification certificates.

                Advanced study and training. Excellent workers and core workers of the company enjoy advanced study and training in domestic universities and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The company have organized workers to visit domestic advanced enterprises and participate exhibitions and forums for many times so as to learn from advanced experiences; the company organized workers to visit famous enterprises in China such as Qingdao Haier, Sailun, Yinchuan Xiaojuren and Guangzhou Toyota. Also, the company continues to organize workers to participate in foreign exhibitions, visit famous enterprises in the world, have interviews with customers and discussions about technology, which allows workers to have the world brand awareness.

                Arrange special cultivation activities for employees. In order to adapt to the company’s development strategy in the future, since 2008, the company has implemented “303 Plan”(a training plan for middle management), that is investing 300 thousand yuan to cultivate dozens of middle-level cadres and foregoers in technology, academic performance and business who have international awareness, management ideas of modern enterprises and specialize in their jobs. The company refers to the education way of postgraduate education which is divided into three stages: basic theoretical education, specialized knowledge education and professional practices. Tutors supervise and assist students’ daily studies. At the same time, the company take many measures like of-job training, short-term vocational training, scenario simulation, role play, taking a temporary post, military training, outward bound and seminars to strengthen students’ ability to solve problems, negotiation ability so as to improve middle cadres’ capacity and cultivate a group of capable middle and senior cadres.

                Arrange teachers to teach students. As mold industries, a kind of technology incentive industries, pay great attention to the accumulation and inheritance of experiences. Teachers with rich professional experiences and proficient skills are treasures. In order to inherit the company’s technology, the company arranges teachers to cultivate employees. Teachers and apprentices sign Teacher-Apprentice Contract and become profit community sharing honors, which motivates teachers to pay attention to teaching students and make such pattern systematic, standardized and normal.

                 Through the measures above, the company has cultivated teams of technical talents which includes core workers like technicians and senior technicians and consists mainly of middle and senior cadres. In this way, the company has developed professional brand and transformed the enterprise’ advantages into individual advantages and individual advantages into the enterprise’s advantage. Currently, workers’ structure of knowledge has greatly changed. Over 40% of workers have college degree or above and acquire professional and technical titles, which greatly improves the quality of the company’s human resource.

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